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Why I use Business Catalyst

Article by Greta Gotlieb
Thursday, July 28, 2016

I seemed to stumble into using Adobe Business Catalyst thanks to previous jobs, however I continue to use it as a freelancer as I find it to have many benefits over WordPress. It’s so much more than just website hosting - it’s an all-in-one solution that’s very secure, has CRM, CMS, reporting, analytics, newsletters and autoresponders, all with automatic updates and upgrades included.

There are a few comparisons between Business Catalyst and WordPress I’d like to make to explain why I choose to use Adobe BC.

Being an Adobe product, Business Catalyst is maintained, updated, supported and kept secure by Adobe - all of which is included in your plan. Updates are managed and tested so that your site will continue to run smoothly.

On the other hand WordPress is open source so updates (including security) are not automatic and need to be managed by a developer. Some updates can even break your plugins, breaking the site which will incur even more work. Regular maintenance is an important part of keeping a site’s value, so make sure you keep on top of it and prolong your website’s lifespan.

Your website is never really completed and you should always be thinking of ways to improve content on your site. As your business grows and changes so should your website.

Cost Comparisons

The true cost of WordPress is actually more than business catalyst.


Hosting $10-20 per month, Email marketing $25 per month, CRM $25 per month, updates $150-$450 each, upgrades $500-$2000 each.

Adobe BC

Hosting, Email, CRM, updates, upgrades: all included. $12.21 - $38.88 USD (higher price includes ecommerce)

Although you can host your email with Adobe BC I recommend to my clients to use Google Apps which costs about USD$5 per user per month.

The difference between hosting and support and additional billable labour:

Hosting and Customer Support

Answering questions, general assistance, feature explanations, talking about possible future projects.

Additional Billable Labor

Performing a task or adding anything new. This means WordPress upgrades are not included in the cost of hosting.

What I love as a web designer working on the platform:

  • Bespoke design
  • Clean code
  • Bootstrap friendly, responsive functionality.
  • Flexible with additional features and changes clients will want as they grow in the future.

In summary WordPress is built for blogs but Business Catalyst is designed for business owners.

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