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Starting my own business. Part 1

Article by Greta Gotlieb
Monday, August 01, 2016

I want to share the journey of starting my own business - Hungry Bum Pajamas.

I’ve been feeling my entrepreneurial side breaking through more and more, and a continuing desire to act upon my random business ideas. I guess that’s how Presence Zine came to fruition a while ago, but over recent years full time employment keep getting in the way.

Hungry Bum Pajamas is my latest passion project. It’s super cute Pajamas for women, with a strong Kawaii (Japanese cute culture) influence which I find so fun and lovable. The idea came from my own frustration at so many pajama pants being so uncomfortable and prone to ‘riding up’ during the night. I think there is a gap in the market for comfy PJs and if I make the perfect pair of pajama pants it will be a huge achievement. If I then manage to make a business out of it that would be amazing!

The thing is I have no fashion experience and hardly any sewing experience so my first few prototypes were not so flash. But thanks to practice, Youtube videos, and some very helpful lessons from my friend Harriett, they’re getting much, much better! Harriett is a legit fashion designer who makes gorgeous wedding dresses so it’s kind of hilarious that she would be helping me make zany PJs. It’s been a huge learning curve for me and I’m very grateful for her help.

I’ve also had to imagine pricing, branding, photography and start a website. All of which I’ve found really fun, doing something so silly and cute rather than my regular more serious webdesign work.

Starting a business can be all-consuming and I’m constantly getting excited by ideas that pop into my head - especially at night when they annoyingly arrive when I’m trying to get some sleep. I now realise how useful it is writing out any and all ideas instantly, onto my phone or laptop. You can then sleep freely knowing you won’t forget any possible little gems - like ‘we must get a bum shaped cake for the launch party!’

As much as I love my parents they can be a bit Dragon's Den whenever I come up with the next thing I want to do. They always mean well, but seem to have a knack for bringing fanciful ideas crashing back down to reality. So I was a little anxious when I told them I wanted to start a pajama company. It had the expected response of “Oh… really? Right…” (in a caring yet judgmental tone), but they soon came around to the idea when I put on the prototype PJs. They seemed pleasantly surprised!

The next step is to get dramatically better at sewing and make my final pattern whilst continuing work on the website and branding. Wish me luck!


Credit to Liam Gerrard for logo pencil sketch 

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