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Change the way you work with Google Docs

Article by Greta Gotlieb
Thursday, June 02, 2016

How amazing is Google? I’m so thankful to be in a world with Google and all the ways it has helped me with my job, hobbies and everyday life. But I would like to give a specific shout out to Google Docs. If you’re not on Google Docs already that’s okay, because after reading the 5 reasons I recommend Google Docs you and your startup hopefully will be.

  1. The Cloud

    Any changes you make to your documents are automatically saved into Google Drive. They even have an app so you can literally ‘keep it handy’. No matter where you are, if an idea strikes about your startup business you can document it.
  2. Collaboration

    My personal favourite feature of Google Docs is that you can invite anyone via email address or a share link to view/edit your documents. This is a huge advancement to ‘be on the same page’ with real time updates you can even see your friend/business partner/mentor or web designer’s text cursors moving about the page and typing.
  3. Download As

    This is a very practical feature as you can download your files as PDFs, Word docs, plain text and even as a web page which is perfect for extracting images quickly out of a document. I encourage my clients to use Google Docs for their website copy so that I can help suggestions with pages, necessary information and words counts.
  4. Feature rich

    All the important bells and whistles of other document software but with a much cleaner interface and easy search menu to help you find anything you need. Change colours of images, clear formatting, add links, next level spell checker, tables, quick equations to work out the profitability of your business, and so much more, it’s also super easy to increase your productivity with these keyboard shortcuts.
  5. It’s free!

    Perfect for a new business getting off the ground and it never needs installing/reinstalling. All in all, insanely convenient.

So give it a go (or a second chance). Once you get used to it you’ll never need or want to go back.

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