My History

I’ve always loved drawing, every Christmas Santa would bring me a brand new pack of felt pens and a fresh white pad of paper, my love of computers began when my parents got a family PC (the one with the black and green screen). I used to make posters about my girl band's upcoming gigs and I would print them out on possibly the slowest printer that ever existed and then would proceed to tape them up around my school. The fact that we never performed didn’t stop me in my postering campaigns and we were proudly the most well known fake-band in Ponsonby Primary School.

Then came the age of the internet which was exciting for everyone but I felt like I had a special connection to this enigma. As a child I was known for asking “why?” about a million times a day and now I had a way to find the answers I was looking for but without annoying everyone to the same extent. I built my first website in high school with the classic song “Around The World” looping in the background, because of course it was the world wide web I found this hilarious (and still do). But I felt like I had a second calling, to the world of beauty care and spa treatments but this was not to be as I got accepted into AUT university design course.

My uni days were a blast and I made my way to England for a student exchange in Maidstone, Kent arguably the most random place I could of ended up. In Maidstone I invented with my own publication Presence Zine which combined my love of music, arts and design. Post university I worked at E-see International, mentored by David Vaassen, my interest in web design was reignited and we work together on many projects. But then an opportunity to work in music magazines came along that I had to explore so I came to work at Groove Guide and Rip It Up two of New Zealand’s iconic publications. Since 2014 I have worked on an array of clients from agency to small-medium sized business on a variety of projects from the print and web fields.

I find it fascinating the power design has given me to pursue not only passion projects but also my entrepreneurial desires as I have the skills I need to start businesses which I can share with my clients. I recently started teaching Girl Code which is a programming course for women 15-25 which I'm enjoying very much.

So I’ve always enjoyed playing beautican with my sister when she’s in town and so when my friend Monika suggested I brand my business with a bit of humour and gimmick of being a spa I couldn’t resist. Now I can offer my treatments and packages fulfilling yet another dream and help to beautify the world of design in print and online.

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My passion projects

Over the years I have had a number of passion projects in which I get to explore my style, creativity and different mediums.

Hand Embroidery

Craft skill
2016- Present
Sewing portraits of pets and people to at Depot Artspace Gallery and by direct commission.

Hungry Bum Pajamas

2016 - Present day
Creator of pyjama design, branding, graphic and web elements, sewing all the pyjamas, photo shoots, attending craft markets, commissioning fabrics design from illustrators.

Presence Zine

Founder and Art/Editorial Director
2008 - 2014 (6 years, in free-time)
Visionary and mastermind to all contributors of photo shoots, interviews, illustration/art and ideas. 11 printed issues and a special edition with a mix CD with music contributed by 12 New Zealand bands.
WordPress coding customization, design layouts. Acquiring sponsorship to cover printing costs from NZ On Air, Silo Park, AUT, Jagermeister, Converse, Otago University and more. Networking skills with bands, artists, actresses, comedians, writers, photographers and more.
Confident in promoting new issues of the zine in radio interviews, organising launch parties and attending zine fest in Auckland and Wellington.